Erectile Dysfunction: Myths and Reality

Violation of erection is a delicate matter. When male sexual organ does not increase in volume at the right time, it does not straighten or its firmness is not enough to complete sexual intercourse, both man and woman prefer to pretend that nothing has happened. That’s why erectile dysfunction has overgrown with numerous myths.

Myth №1: «Normal» Men Always Can

Myths and Reality about erectile dysfunctionIn fact: you can speak about erectile dysfunction only if more than 25% of sexual intercourses fail. If «failures» are rarer – this is within norm. And in healthy people, too, there are episodes of erectile dysfunction. Reasons are diverse: fatigue, stress, unattractiveness of the partner. Erection is killed abruptly by fear (for example, with a new partner) because of adrenaline released into blood.

Myth №2: with Age «Failures» are Inevitable. After 40 years Already «Male Sunset» Begins

In fact: erectile dysfunction is possible at different ages. The one who smokes a lot, does not have regular sex, and runs only for beer to a stall and to a leaving bus, runs risk of getting acquainted with erectile dysfunction at about thirty years. And on the contrary: supporter of healthy lifestyle, leading active sexual life all conscious years, even at the age of 70 can laughing listen to anecdotes about male sexual impotence.

Of course, with age, body functions are dying out, but most men too early assume sexual old age. On TV we hear: «Half of men over 40 years old suffer from impaired erectile function». And it seems that this is normal and should begin immediately after anniversary. In fact, 40 years is too early. The first changes can begin in a healthy person after 50 years, and only at 60 years in blood significantly decreases level of testosterone hormone, which determines interest in sex.

Myth №3: if he can’t Do it with me, it Means He doesn’t Like Me

In fact: if a man did not feel attracted to the woman, he would not even try, would not bring acquaintance to bed. After all, unlike women, men are rarely motivated to have sex by external causes like «to save family». As a rule, they go on occasion solely by their attraction. Do not make final conclusions based on a couple of failed attempts.

Myth №4: if he Takes Pills before Sex, this Means I don’t Excite him

In fact: a man can take special means, just to give himself confidence. If you found in the bedside table of a loved one means to increase potency, do not panic. Effectiveness of such drugs is often based on placebo effect – when patient believes that the drug should work, he really feels better, although he takes pharmaceutical dummy like harmless ascorbic acid. Experiments were conducted: one group was given real pills that improve blood flow in penis and cause blood vessels to fill with blood, and other group received placebo. Improvement of erection was observed in both groups.

If a man started taking such pills, you can gently try to find out what is holding him back. Often reasons are very simple, and a man is afraid of injuring a woman by talking about them. For example, a patient can ask to prescribe drugs because he cannot cope … with his disgust for color of nail polish on legs of the partner. She likes this color and he does not want to upset her.

Myth №5: having Taken «Special Pill» a Man will get Excited, even if there is no Woman near him

In fact: a man who took stimulant in inappropriate situation and suffering from inappropriate erection – this is most likely a story from comedies. In real life, to have erection, only a pill is not enough, you need also presence of sexually attractive partner and elements of love game: foreplay, kisses. The pill causes more pronounced response to these stimuli, but does not replace them.

Myth №6: Pill for Potency are Very Harmful for Health

In fact: pills cause side effects – increased blood flow to head, redness of face, have toning effect, can raise total blood pressure. Drugs are incompatible with alcohol and a variety of cardiac drugs. This is important: most of cases of erectile dysfunction are observed in men over 60 who take heart medications. Therefore, pills should be prescribed by doctor, but not a colleague or friend.

Myth №7: Absence of «Firmness» is the Sign of Other Serious Diseases

revealing myths about erectile dysfunctionIn fact: erectile dysfunction can really be associated with other diseases, for example, diabetes: it dramatically changes structure of small vessels. A variety of infections, including influenza, can also cause sexual problems. Even after common cold, you need 5 days to recover.

Another common cause is diseases of prostate gland: there are vascular neural bundles along its sides that are important for appearance of erection. Disturbing signals – violation of urination, frequent desire to urinate, unpleasant sensations. This is a reason to call urologist, including to exclude malignant disease.